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My Lessons
The Shaw Method

My Lessons

I always work in the water with my students. I feel that this is the best way to communicate, demonstrate and give close guidance and support where needed.

I welcome adults of all levels, including those with a fear of water, beginners, swimmers wising to improve their strokes, and those recovering from injury and looking to ease stress and tension when swimming.

I teach:

  • General Water Confidence, including:
    • placing your face in the water and learning how to breathe out into the water
    • gliding on both your front and your back, and learning how to safely regain a standing position
    • rotating and undulating your body through the water

The Shaw Method

The Shaw Method was developed by former competitive swimmer Steven Shaw over 20 years ago. It’s a uniquely holistic approach to swimming, focusing on enjoying the water and learning to swim efficiently, effectively and gracefully.

The technique is based on Alexander Technique principles and thus concentrates on good body alignment and easing stress and tension through the head, neck and back. After recovering from neck and back pain (brought on by competitive training) using the Alexander Technique, Steven applied the basic principles to his swimming to develop the Shaw Method.

Swimming without strain on the body or mind is the aim of the Shaw Method, providing a form of exercise that can be enjoyed throughout one’s life.

For more information on The Shaw Method, please visit the Art of Swimming website.

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