“Sally has been teaching me to swim and it has been great! I love water but previously was only able to do an ugly form of breaststroke. Within a single lesson Sally helped me master the proper technique and now I love the power and ease that my newly-found stroke allows me. We are currently working on my front crawl and I am finding it tough as my breathing is challenged. Nevertheless Sally is incredibly patient and so encouraging. She also has extraordinary intelligence and resourcefulness so that she is constantly finding new ways to help me conquer the breathing. If you are looking for a clever, patient and amazing swimming teacher, I can thoroughly recommend Sally.” Meg
“Sally is the most patient, encouraging and skilled teacher. She transformed my clumsy and awkward front crawl into a much more comfortable and effective stroke in just a few lessons – with a new found elegance that has since been complimented! I have always had a fear of water and did not step foot in a swimming pool until I was 31 years of age. After nine months of group and one to one lessons at my local leisure centre (where I made very little progress), I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to swim. However, Sally’s expert and individualised teaching style has not only taught me sustainable and effective swimming techniques but I now genuinely love being in the water. I spent the summer just gone swimming front crawl in a pool overlooking Lake Como – a stark contrast to the previous year, where I was too scared to even get in the pool at our hotel! Swimming with Sally is one of the best things I have ever done and I would highly recommend her.” Lucy
“As a strong swimmer in need of technique, Sally really listened to me, made really insightful observations and, in a very short space of time, has helped me learn a stroke which confounded me for decades, and equally I can now swim even further with a more efficient and comfortable technique. I’m delighted – I just wish I had found Sally earlier. Highly recommended.” Rachel
“For someone like me who has a deeply rooted fear of water and has a hard time coordinating, Sally and her lessons are a true game changer. Sally has a high level of patience, she is kind and calm. She is keen on understanding one’s needs and behaviours in the water which helps her customise the lessons appropriately. For example, she noticed I get tired quite quickly and I often lose focus in the water and her approach to this is to have me try a different range of exercises, until we find one that pays off. She always has a new trick at hand. I am yet to break some walls, but I am happy with the progress so far, given the fact that I thought I would never overcome my fear of water and furthermore, learn swimming. My confidence has increased and I’m starting to enjoy the water, which is really a big thing for me. Thank you, Sally!” Laura
“I couldn’t recommend Sally highly enough. For years I’ve struggled to swim properly, struggling to the end gasping for breath. I had no idea how much technique there is to swimming properly. Sally is infinitely patient; if one approach doesn’t work she will introduce another until you crack it. Sally breaks down the crawl into memorable and learnable steps and before you know it you’re swimming up and down and dare I say actually enjoying it! I’ve now got a pretty tidy crawl and I’m just perfecting my breathing. I’m very pleased with how quickly I’ve progressed, Sally is always confident, inspiring and patient. I highly recommend Sally and her teaching approach to anyone. You’ll learn quickly and enjoy it.” Mike
“After many years of wanting and never trying again, I have had a few adult swimming lessons with Sally. I have rediscovered a new relationship with water that is not scary, and I can front crawl/breathe, still work in progress and need to practice to improve. Sally is super patient and gave me confidence to learn to swim as an adult, it’s never too late, thank you.” Helen
“Taking swimming lessons has been my greatest achievement this year, I have learnt so much in a short space of time. Some people may say I’m a quick learner, but in order to be that I need a great teacher and Sally is exactly that; patient, encouraging and teaches you easy to follow step by step techniques to perfect that stroke. I can’t thank you enough, as I absolutely love swimming now and from a health point of view it is amazing.” Bea
“Sally is a remarkable teacher who strips down the complexities of each stroke into a series of manageable and memorable movements which are gradually built up through various innovative exercises. She is a warm and fun teacher with bags of patience and has had me swimming crawl, breaststroke, and backstroke (and tumble turning) in a relatively short period of time. But I would say that more important than accomplishing the strokes themselves is Sally’s overall approach to swimming which focuses on the power and smoothness of the underwater glide and on overall breathing and relaxation during exercise. The effect of this, when you hit it right, is incredibly meditative.” Jamie
“I’ve really enjoyed all my lessons with Sally, focusing on teaching me the Shaw Method from scratch as an intermediate level swimmer. Her skilled and systematic approach to coaching really yielded results. As someone who normally takes a long time to absorb and act on new physical training instruction, I was really surprised that I picked up the stroke quickly and then we spent time refining and practising specific aspects to make sure that when I’m then swimming on my own, I have the self-awareness and confidence to monitor and adjust my swimming.” Jason
“I’ve tried to master front crawl and breathing for years without success. Thanks to Sally’s teaching techniques (alongside me in the water) plus her patience and constant encouragement, I have fulfilled not only my goal but I’ve also discovered a new confidence in the water. I’m swimming faster but with less effort (due to the emphasis on head and neck alignment) and I’m not gasping for breath after a few strokes. I’m even thinking about my neck and head alignment outside the pool too.” Clare
“As a complete non-swimmer Sally has been taking me through the beginning stages of swimming lessons. Sally teaches with warmth and confidence, and takes your fears and turns them into fun little challenges. Before long I had my head under water and slowly began to lose my fear factor. I would recommend Sally’s teaching to non-swimmers and to those who wish to improve technique. I shall definitely be continuing my classes with Sally – she has given me confidence, great technique and most of all it is fun!” Sarah