Joint workshops with Steven Shaw (founder of the Shaw Method)

I’m pleased to be running the below workshop alongside Steven Shaw:

‘Crawl for Life’ (Front Crawl) Workshop – Saturday 13th August 2022

8.30am – 12.30pm at Goldsworth Primary School, Surrey GU21 6NL

This Front Crawl Workshop will be suitable for anyone who has had a Front Crawl lesson with me, or Steven Shaw, before. The focus will be on breathing, sustainability and ease of movement in the stroke. The course will include groundwork (on the poolside), time in the pool and individual video analysis at the end.

To book: Please click here to book via Art of Swimming.

Price: £180

Workshop Testimonials

“A thoroughly inspiring, informative and practical day of swimming, with new techniques and lots of fun!…

The workshop with Sally Dunford was absolutely great. We had a full day of swimming as well as a Pilates session, with clear instructions, incredibly useful advice and tips, and most importantly plenty of time in the pool.

There’s nothing quite like learning in a small group and Sally makes the session fun. She has a very clear, logical and gentle communication style and demonstrated different approaches. If I found something challenging, she always thought of another example so I could ‘get it’. This whole style of swimming is very good for the body, no need for force, or tension, just learning to free the body so it glides effortlessly through the water.

I was really keen to improve my Front Crawl, which I achieved, but it was an absolute bonus to learn some Breast Stroke technique also. Funnily enough I picked up the breathing technique on this stroke more easily and this is helping me with my front crawl breathing – something I have struggled with all my swimming life. Sally has transformed the way I swim, and given me such joy in swimming again.  It feels like when I was a child, looking forward with happiness and a sense of excitement, to pool time. Simply inspiring.”


“A friend of mine invited me to a front crawl workshop as a 60th Birthday present. I swim regularly and felt confident with breastroke and backstroke and comfortable with my head in the water, however I had never managed to do front crawl. My dream was to feel I could glide through the water without splashing around wildly!

We started with an hour of Pilates which was excellent and so well explained and demonstrated with video clips as a back-up. The Pilates was hard for me, but has helped me to focus on the importance of flexibility and core strengthening which is so important and helps the swimming technique too. We then had a couple of hours on front crawl. Sally was in the pool and took us back to some of the basics to correct some techniques but by the end we were all confidently swimming lengths and getting the breathing mostly right. We also looked at breastroke and Sally immediately corrected my style which has quickly made a difference to my regular swims. I do swim regularly and am now delighted that at 60 I feel so confident with my swimming. My front crawl has really improved and I feel close to my image of gliding through the water like an otter!

Above all I know I am practising a form of exercise I can enjoy till I’m 90 and I’m doing it in a style which isn’t putting pressure on my limbs or my back. I will definitely be using Sally for regular ‘swimming checks’. Sally is so clear, patient, confident and has a good sense of humour. Thank you Sally!”